Sunday 6 May 2012


Hi All,
Didn't realize it has been over 2 months since the last post, and looking at where I was back then, Man, ive done a bit!!!
Over that time I've installed Facia's, Cut and installed Track profiles as well as improved its "Structural integrity" substantially.

 Looking towards the "Up" or Botany direction showing the roof and inner skirting.   

The "divider" in the middle, will be in fact the part "down" side hill up to the Road bridge which will be positioned close to the join on the left module. Originally I was only going to use 3mm MDF to do this, but a brain explosion resulted in a full 6mm profile board attached to the outside of both modules where they join, mainly to improve the integrity of the modules when they are apart.

Showing the "Business" End of the Right module. The fat side to the left will accomidate both up and down mains as well as the "hypothetical" Enfield yard Eastern arrival/departure road. The track in the middle will be the disused line which went to DELEC and was the original Up main. The track on the right will be a disused siding mocking the which use to go into a NSWGR Tarp Factory on the Northern side of Canterbury Road. Gives me a chance to put a disused wagon with crap growing through it, Ive already made the NQZA for this role!  

Looking the down direction towards Enfield.

The Peco Code 83 point cluster ,showing how the alignment will be.

Showing the Corflute baseboard, this stuff is light,strong and easy to cut! I will be using this in the same way as Cardboard, the Americans use do to get the Ups and Downs of the scenery.

Still a bit of putty and sanding to do, but not long til I can start painting the backdrop.....lights......then on to laying track!!!!

Cheers Brendo


  1. Looks awesome, I wish I had your awesome talents. Lol 

    I've only just got into the model scene myself but I've always been a rail fan, I came across your blog and it really made me wanna take up the hobby, maybe we could meet up some time and you could teach me some tricks of the trade.

    P.s. I like your profile pic. :-)

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