Thursday, 8 December 2011

1 Step forward, 2 Steps Back ,then finally 3 Steps forward! :-)

I know, its been a while between posts....but I've been a busy boy in all aspects of model and real railways! 
I've completed the track laying on the fiddle yard and installed 27 Colbalt Point Motors to boot! 
Ive also started construction of the Main modules with a new design which popped into my big head at the early hours of one morning. The new design incorporates timber and aluminium "connect it" construction, using a pulley system to enhance its "Structural Integrity". Which really has been two things ,a learning curve and simply a pain in the giblets, due to crappy equipment at local hardware stores and the gigantic design of mine!!!! But in the end using door rollers for pulleys, as the post title describes, I got it in the end. Now all I will have to mirror for module No. 2. 
For those playing at home the bottom (baseboard) level is 1m x 2m ,the backdrop is 700mm off "Ground Zero" (top of the baseboard) and the light valance is 1.1m long which allows over hang, so there is no shadows with the lights. 

Also there has been a few recent "pre paint" completions of rolling stock including,
Rails in Scale Railcorp NZBF 
IDR Pac Nat RKPF (what a good kit)
IDR ex WOAX converted to a POTA SOAX with doors removed

So here are some pics that will wet your appetite!!!

Cheers Brendo