Thursday, 8 December 2011

1 Step forward, 2 Steps Back ,then finally 3 Steps forward! :-)

I know, its been a while between posts....but I've been a busy boy in all aspects of model and real railways! 
I've completed the track laying on the fiddle yard and installed 27 Colbalt Point Motors to boot! 
Ive also started construction of the Main modules with a new design which popped into my big head at the early hours of one morning. The new design incorporates timber and aluminium "connect it" construction, using a pulley system to enhance its "Structural Integrity". Which really has been two things ,a learning curve and simply a pain in the giblets, due to crappy equipment at local hardware stores and the gigantic design of mine!!!! But in the end using door rollers for pulleys, as the post title describes, I got it in the end. Now all I will have to mirror for module No. 2. 
For those playing at home the bottom (baseboard) level is 1m x 2m ,the backdrop is 700mm off "Ground Zero" (top of the baseboard) and the light valance is 1.1m long which allows over hang, so there is no shadows with the lights. 

Also there has been a few recent "pre paint" completions of rolling stock including,
Rails in Scale Railcorp NZBF 
IDR Pac Nat RKPF (what a good kit)
IDR ex WOAX converted to a POTA SOAX with doors removed

So here are some pics that will wet your appetite!!!

Cheers Brendo

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Layout Progress

Few Progress pics of the fiddle yard so far!
Should be finished the track laying in the next fortnight and should be able to start construction the main modules! (as well as finishing some rollingstock ie. RRZY form my Review in AMRM!)
Ta Brendo

Friday, 15 July 2011

Finally some colour other than just plastic or resin!!!

A break while paint was drying on my modules over the last couple of days allowed me actually to paint a wagon! It has been over a year Ive been able to do so, due to moving and other things so really chuffed to get back into it!
So the first thing to pop out was Pacific National's ROCY 34763 2CM bogie transporter which is now 90% complete!

Ive modelled it in its Crappy glory as seen on NP3 on 12/11/10 at Yanderra.

Ive recorded 3 ex CDY/NOCY still in original form used for this service,
RZCY 34760 - Weathered NRC Grey
ROCY 34763 - Weathered Seatrain Blue
ROCY 34790 - Wathered Rusty Brown
Most NOCY's were converted to NQKY's skeletal decks back in Freightcorp days.

It will be loaded with 16 AR Kits 2CM bogies weathered in different states and different colour markings.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

OTGL Layout Update

Fiddle Yard.... Now facia-ed, straighten-ed, putty-ed, match-ed, prep-ed now ready to primer-ed!

Many More Wagons of OTGL


With no less that 80+ ongoing wagons on my workbench in various states, Ive been chipping away to get many in "pre paint" condition!

Anyways heres a few i popped out in the last few weeks!

RailCorp NDCF Spoil Wagon ex Callipari NSWGR GP/NOGF x2

One will be Orange and one Yellow, note still needs lashing rings!

Pacific National NHHF Coal Hopper x10 (10 more to do)

Ex Coal,Grain,Coal,Grain now Coal Again!!!

Still needs more brake detail at either end to complete

Pacific National RZCY Bogie Transporter ex NSWSRA NOCY

Will be "Faded" Seatrain Blue with 2CM Bogies as load.

Pacific National RQCY ex VR VQCY

Will have yellow sides like the modern refurbs!

Hopefully start to paint soon!!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Many Wagons of OTGL

Prompted by the "Wagon Freak" Himself ive been a bit of a "Mini Wagon Freak" the last year or so spending alot more time constructing and detailing Rollingstock, then on the layout!

Here are some of my creations, in "Pre Paint" state!

Pacific National RKLY 20997Q
*Ex Scaleways Kit with Model Etch Details an Auscision Butterbox

PN RKNX_ _ _ _ (still havent decided number, will be more than likely a Serviced Yellow one)
*Ex Scaleways Kit with Model Etch Details an Auscision Butterbox

*Ex Scaleways Kit with Model Etch Details an Auscision Butterbox
*Note the Different 2CL and 2CG Bogies

PN ex VQDW's
*All IDR Castings Kits
*As Original with Align Bogies and Auscision Shunters Steps
RQPW 60076N
*Ex NSW Leased with Model Etch Stirrups and AR 2CM Bogies (No Numberboard)
RQDY 60073B
*Ex NSW Leased with Numberboard and Kadee Roller Bearing Bogies

RQDY 1M (Still on my work Bench)
*As Original but with Roller Bearing Bogies and no Shunters Steps

RailCorp NDCH 2541
*IDR Kit (Slighty Modified!)

RailCorp NDMX 1802H
*IDR Kit (Slighty Modified!)

*Note 2CL Bogies

RailCorp NDMX 1818A
*IDR Kit (Slighty Modified!)

*Note 2CF Bogies

RailCorp NDCH 2048
*IDR Kit (Slighty Modified!)

RailCorp NDHF's x 9......Nearly Done!

PN Custom Casted PN RCBF/RCQF Coil Wagons....awaiting more attention!

Walthers Genstar Container with the Roof cut out, like PN use on their Steelink Services for Scrap. Will be purchasing alot more of these as they were an easy conversion!

Thare is alot more on my bench, but overtime i will update as they come out of the darkness!

Here are a couple of pics of the benchwork that im up to!

This is the U Shaped fiddle yard which will incorporate 1
1 tracks when completed.

On the curved modules the minimu
m inner radius will be about 26 Inch and the Maximum outer Radius will be about 44 Inch.

It will be all Peco Code 100 Streamli
ne Flex and Insulfrog Points in the Yard but the main sceniced modules will be Peco Code 75 Concrete Sleeper Flex and Wooden Electrofrog Points.

All Boards need to be Puttied, Sanded, Facia Boards Added then finally Paint!

The main modules will be made out of Steel in a "C" Shape fashion with lighting Facia and Backdrop, similar to Bowen Creek!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Thought Ill start a blog like everybody else showing the progress on my Australian HO Scale layout called "On the Goods Lines".
OTGL will be loosely based on Sydney Suburb Belfield where the "Goods Only" line comes out of Enfield Yard and runs approx 5km East then joins the Bankstown line.

This location (especially Burwood Road overpass) is a mecca for Gunzels!

View Larger Map

Note that it will be "Loosely" Based on this area to allow me to have some interesting structures as well as some that are already there!

The layout will start basically with 3 Tracks (2 Main and 1 from Enfield Arr/Dept Roads) from the Western end, then go under "Burwood Road" then Dissapeer under "Albert St". This will incorporate 5 points on the main boards.

The size is overall 4m Squared in a 2 Car Garage

3m x4m of is fiddle yard (11 Tracks in total) and the remaining 1m x 4m is the sceniced "Run Thru" Modules.

All Trains will be Fully Detailed "Ultra Modern" Prototype of what runs thru this area, with exception to a couple "Cool" ringins.

Here are a couple of pics of trains in this area!




Will update soon with some pics of where im up to!