Friday, 15 July 2011

Finally some colour other than just plastic or resin!!!

A break while paint was drying on my modules over the last couple of days allowed me actually to paint a wagon! It has been over a year Ive been able to do so, due to moving and other things so really chuffed to get back into it!
So the first thing to pop out was Pacific National's ROCY 34763 2CM bogie transporter which is now 90% complete!

Ive modelled it in its Crappy glory as seen on NP3 on 12/11/10 at Yanderra.

Ive recorded 3 ex CDY/NOCY still in original form used for this service,
RZCY 34760 - Weathered NRC Grey
ROCY 34763 - Weathered Seatrain Blue
ROCY 34790 - Wathered Rusty Brown
Most NOCY's were converted to NQKY's skeletal decks back in Freightcorp days.

It will be loaded with 16 AR Kits 2CM bogies weathered in different states and different colour markings.


  1. G'day Brendo,

    The NOCYs were converted to NQKYs. The NQFX (Bulkhead style) were converted to NQFF/NCFF.


  2. Hi Brendon,
    I lived at the other end of Burwood Road and worked the Enfields, Chullora and Canterbury Signal Boxes until the end of 1990's when I retired.

    Regards Jim (The Kamilaroi Railway)