Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Many Wagons of OTGL

Prompted by the "Wagon Freak" Himself ive been a bit of a "Mini Wagon Freak" the last year or so spending alot more time constructing and detailing Rollingstock, then on the layout!

Here are some of my creations, in "Pre Paint" state!

Pacific National RKLY 20997Q
*Ex Scaleways Kit with Model Etch Details an Auscision Butterbox

PN RKNX_ _ _ _ (still havent decided number, will be more than likely a Serviced Yellow one)
*Ex Scaleways Kit with Model Etch Details an Auscision Butterbox

*Ex Scaleways Kit with Model Etch Details an Auscision Butterbox
*Note the Different 2CL and 2CG Bogies

PN ex VQDW's
*All IDR Castings Kits
*As Original with Align Bogies and Auscision Shunters Steps
RQPW 60076N
*Ex NSW Leased with Model Etch Stirrups and AR 2CM Bogies (No Numberboard)
RQDY 60073B
*Ex NSW Leased with Numberboard and Kadee Roller Bearing Bogies

RQDY 1M (Still on my work Bench)
*As Original but with Roller Bearing Bogies and no Shunters Steps

RailCorp NDCH 2541
*IDR Kit (Slighty Modified!)

RailCorp NDMX 1802H
*IDR Kit (Slighty Modified!)

*Note 2CL Bogies

RailCorp NDMX 1818A
*IDR Kit (Slighty Modified!)

*Note 2CF Bogies

RailCorp NDCH 2048
*IDR Kit (Slighty Modified!)

RailCorp NDHF's x 9......Nearly Done!

PN Custom Casted PN RCBF/RCQF Coil Wagons....awaiting more attention!

Walthers Genstar Container with the Roof cut out, like PN use on their Steelink Services for Scrap. Will be purchasing alot more of these as they were an easy conversion!

Thare is alot more on my bench, but overtime i will update as they come out of the darkness!


  1. How funny - I have three Genstar containers on my workbench with the tops cut off too. I have also scratch built a newer grey scrap container.

    Nice NDCH conversions!!


  2. G'day Brenden. Always great to see another model railway blog. That PN RKNX 447C you done...where did you get the 2CG bogie from?

  3. Haha Thanks WF!

    Thanks Albert!
    *I think the 2CG on the RKNX are AR Kits, as this was purchases RTR from Scaleways 4 years ago!
    *Ive got 2cg's on a NDHF with must be On Track Models!

  4. G'day Brendan :)

    I am most impressed by your work! Could you email me on I have something to put to you that may be to our mutual advantage!