Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Thought Ill start a blog like everybody else showing the progress on my Australian HO Scale layout called "On the Goods Lines".
OTGL will be loosely based on Sydney Suburb Belfield where the "Goods Only" line comes out of Enfield Yard and runs approx 5km East then joins the Bankstown line.

This location (especially Burwood Road overpass) is a mecca for Gunzels!

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Note that it will be "Loosely" Based on this area to allow me to have some interesting structures as well as some that are already there!

The layout will start basically with 3 Tracks (2 Main and 1 from Enfield Arr/Dept Roads) from the Western end, then go under "Burwood Road" then Dissapeer under "Albert St". This will incorporate 5 points on the main boards.

The size is overall 4m Squared in a 2 Car Garage

3m x4m of is fiddle yard (11 Tracks in total) and the remaining 1m x 4m is the sceniced "Run Thru" Modules.

All Trains will be Fully Detailed "Ultra Modern" Prototype of what runs thru this area, with exception to a couple "Cool" ringins.

Here are a couple of pics of trains in this area!




Will update soon with some pics of where im up to!


  1. Welcome to Blogging Brendo!!

    You can simulate the Stonie running away into stored tankers!!

    Are you modelling the overhead?



  2. Thanks WF!

    Only if the wagons travelled further I could of simulated it! LOL

    Yes i will be modelling the Overhead,hopefully Railcorp keep it up coz apparently it's turned off and completely disconnected at Marrickville!.

    I will be using "Off the Shelf" and "Kitbashed" Sommerfeldlt Catenary to simulate the two different styles either side of Burwood Road!

    All will be purchased from Work!