Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Here are a couple of pics of the benchwork that im up to!

This is the U Shaped fiddle yard which will incorporate 1
1 tracks when completed.

On the curved modules the minimu
m inner radius will be about 26 Inch and the Maximum outer Radius will be about 44 Inch.

It will be all Peco Code 100 Streamli
ne Flex and Insulfrog Points in the Yard but the main sceniced modules will be Peco Code 75 Concrete Sleeper Flex and Wooden Electrofrog Points.

All Boards need to be Puttied, Sanded, Facia Boards Added then finally Paint!

The main modules will be made out of Steel in a "C" Shape fashion with lighting Facia and Backdrop, similar to Bowen Creek!

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